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Tekken 3 is a fighting game developed by Namco Inc. in 1998. This game is very popular among fighting games ever made for pc. Tekken 3 is part of Tekken franchise. Here, You can easily tekken 3 download for pc was made decades ago for low end PCs and hence, has low quality graphics. Even, if you have low budget still you can tekken 3 game download for pc. If tekken 3 download for pc windows 7, it still works optimal. Hence, nothing to worry about resources onwhile playing game.

Even though, this game has too much immense and aggressive fighting scenses. Tekken 3 is followed by keeping in mind about pros and cons of its previous version and also versions ahead Tekken 3 have improved performance increasing accordingly.

Tekken 3

In this game, there are near about 20 fighters. Every character fighter has its own unique fighting style and powerful skills. Tekken 3’s fighter player controlled through 6 main keys (A,S,Z,X,D,C) and some additional keys for better controls. Combining two or more keys will create fighting combos like mega punch, super kick, helicopter kick, burning fist, and lots more.. My personal favourite characters in tekken 3 game are Marshall Law and Eddy Judo.

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Game Details :-

NameTekken 3 ( 1998 )
Size64 MB
DeveloperNamco Inc.

Top Features :-

  • 5+ Fighting Modes
  • 20+ game characters
  • Fully Customizable
  • Require less PC resources
  • Available for PCs, Tablets, Android, PlayStation, etc.
Tekken 3

Minimum System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows XP
Processor (CPU)Pentium 3
Memory (RAM)128 MB
Hard Drive Space128 MB
Video Memory64 MB
Tekken 3
Operating SystemWindows 7 or Above
Processor (CPU)Pentium 4 or Above
Memory (RAM)256 MB
Hard Drive Space500 MB
Video Memory128 MB

Steps to download and play Tekken 3 :-

  1. At first, Download Game zip File from the link given below. ( Don’t Know How to Download? )
  2. Extract file using WinRar. ( Don’t know about how to extract? )
  3. Open the Folder where you extract it.
  4. Run tekken (.bat) file. Congrats, Your game will start.
Tekken 3

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Tekken 3 for pc?

Tekken 3 game download for pc is super easy. Just download the file we have provided and just unzip it and start playing. That’s it.

Is it Hard to play?

This game has different levels and with increase of each level, difficulty level also increases.

Can we play Tekken 3 game in windows 7?

Yes. This game is published in 1997 and hence according to that time. There is no too much pc resources required as this is an old game.

Can we download and play Tekken 3 apk in android?

Due to high demand of Tekken 3 game, it is released to Android version also but that is fan-made version almost works like pc version.

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